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 The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....

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Fecha de inscripción : 20/04/2010
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MensajeTema: The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....   Vie Sep 23, 2011 11:10 am

Y que se nos viene encima un satelite...
Ayer anunciaban que los united estaban fuera de la zona de impacto pero hoy se rajaron a apostar, hay que hacer una quiniel para ver donde cae no?
Yo apuesto que cae aqui, con la puta suerte que traigo me va a tocar a huevo!!!


Citación :
U.S. is in falling satellite's potential strike zone, NASA says
Miami (CNN) -- A satellite whose orbit is degrading will fall back to Earth Friday afternoon, with the United States once again a potential target, NASA said.

The U.S. space agency had been saying for two days that North America would not be not in the strike zone for about 26 pieces of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) expected to survive the descent. Those pieces, made of stainless steel, titanium and beryllium that won't burn, range from about 10 pounds to hundreds of pounds, according to NASA.

Mark Matney of NASA's Orbital Debris team in Houston told CNN there's no way to know exactly where those pieces will come down.

"Keep in mind, they won't be traveling at those high orbital velocities. As they hit the air they tend to slow down. ... They're still traveling fast, a few tens to hundreds of miles per hour, but no longer those tremendous orbital velocities," he explained.

Because the satellite travels thousands of miles in a matter of minutes as it orbits -- even just before it hits the Earth's atmosphere -- it will be impossible to pinpoint the exact location the pieces will come down. On top of that, Matney said, the satellite is not stable.

"Part of the problem is the spacecraft is tumbling in unpredictable ways and it is very difficult to very precisely pinpoint where it's coming down even right before the re-entry."

Because water covers 70% of the Earth's surface, NASA has said that most, if not all of the surviving debris will land in water. Even if pieces strike dry land, there's very little risk any of it will hit people.

However, in an abundance of caution, the Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday released an advisory warning pilots about the falling satellite, calling it a potential hazard.

"It is critical that all pilots/flight crew members report any observed falling space debris to the appropriate (air traffic control) facility and include position, altitude, time and direction of debris observed," the FAA statement said.

The FAA said warnings of this sort typically are sent out to pilots concerning specific hazards they may encounter during flights such as air shows, rocket launches, kites and inoperable radio navigational aids.

NASA says space debris the size of the UARS components re-enters the atmosphere about once year. Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell noted that UARS is far from being the biggest space junk to come back.

"This is nothing like the old Skylab scare of the '70s when you had a 70-ton space station crashing out of the sky. So, I agree with the folks in Houston. It's nothing to be worried about," McDowell said.

Pieces of Skylab came down in western Australia in 1979.

The only wild card McDowell sees is if somehow a chunk hits a populated area.

"If the thing happens to come down in a city, that would be bad. The chances of it causing extensive damage or injuring someone are much higher."

NASA says once the debris hits the atmosphere 50 miles up, it will take only a matter of minutes before the surviving pieces hit the Earth.
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MensajeTema: Re: The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....   Vie Sep 23, 2011 11:15 am

Pues si cae por tu casa, recoge los pedazos y vendelos por E-Bay, seguro sacas una buena lana
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MensajeTema: Re: The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....   Vie Sep 23, 2011 12:16 pm

Exacto Chami, palabra que eres pesimista. Ve esto como una oportunidad de negocios, no como una amenaza...
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MensajeTema: Re: The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....   

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The Sky is Falling!, The Sky is Falling!.....
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